Grassroots U6-U18 (School Year 1-11)

Keynsham Town Ladies Football Club supports The FA’s Respect programme to ensure football can be enjoyed by everyone in a safe and positive environment. Every player, parent/guardian and club official is expected to adhere to clubs Code of Conducts at all times.

Through “Every Child Matters: Change for Children” programme, the government makes it very clear that safeguards must be put in place. Further information on what is expected of sport in terms of safeguarding children can be found on or .

Keynsham Town Ladies Football Club accepts it has a clear responsibility towards young people and has an appointed Club Welfare Officers (CWO).

Club Welfare Officer Role?
  Club Welfare Officers have two key roles:

Be informed and aware of the league or club’s responsibilities when running football activities for children and young people. For example:

• ensuring these responsibilities are well understood by others
• developing best practice processes.

Helping league and club personnel understand their ‘duty of care’ towards children and young people. For example:

• ensuring all relevant people complete The FA’s ‘Safeguarding Children’ training programme
• helping to make sure trips away are organised properly
• managing the roll out of FA CRB checks.

The Club Welfare Officer sits on the Club Committee and knows all of the Club’s coaches and managers.



 Club Policies 

Safeguarding Policy  Diversion & Inclusion Policy  Anti-Bullying Policy  Changing Room Policy 

 Code of Conduct 

Managers - Code of Conduct  Players - Code of Conduct  Parents - Code of Conduct   








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